Rare Element Brand is a newly launched photography/videography company based in Atlanta that focuses on Fashion, branding, lifestyle, and celebrity content. The name derives from a combination of earth elements that make up an individual's life. One emerged in Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, eventually becomes the supreme being in which the universe created them to be, just as the universe illuminates through human life.

“RareElement“ was founded by Andre Johnson (of RE) who was born in Chicago and raised in the metropolitan areas of Atlanta. He found inspiration in anything artistically challenging.

Music has been his passion since the first beat he created in “99” on his mother’s home computer. Andre’s creating, mastering, and orchestrating music, lead him to film, dance, and commercials extending his creativity to the world, and within the art industry.

Through visual communication, graphic design, and as a former model, Andre developed a keen eye and unique artistry profession inspired through his talent and passion. RareElement is idealistic for Re- canvassing and formatting relevance for public business, fan base, or visibility in general. Content gathered in the most minimal and versatile manner allows one to know more of who they are and what they must offer without the paparazzi calamity.